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  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    Like everything else, you have to be flexible. I once gave a refund to a woman who had just had a miscarriage, even though the registration form said, "No refunds." I didn't ask for proof or a doctor's letter. I didn't require her to fill out a form and ...

  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    The Association for Professional Chaplains recognizes members for 10, 25 and 50 years.  We send a letter of congratulations along with a 10 year membership pin for our 10 year members.  For 25 and 50, we send a certification of recognition and a 25 or ...

  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    David, I like your policy. It's generous to both parties. Years ago I was scheduled to attend a meeting of a national association. It was a pricey ticket and had been a stretch for me to make it happen. A beloved aunt passed away the week ...

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