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    ASCAP licensing

    Hi, What is the process of obtaining an ASCAP license for events and meetings where we use background music and music as part of presentations? Is it per event or per year/month? Where would one obtain said license? Kind regards Bronwyn ------------------------------ ...

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    Ignoring yesterday

    Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    Here's an email message I just received from an organization on whose Board I once served: "10 days unti 75th anniversary (yes, there was a typo in the subject line). I was a long time member, an award winner, and an officer of the organization, yet ...

  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    Hi, Christian -  You also might consider the reception become a sponsored event, either exclusive to one company or across multiple vendors or deliverables.  Then you could include the reception in the registration at a minimal or zero cost.  I agree ...

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