How To Survive The Cyber War - 11/15/2017

When:  Nov 15, 2017 from 13:00 to 14:00 (CT)
Practice Areas: IT

Career Level: Manager, Director and C-Suite

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How to Survive the Cyber War

In 2017, 72%+ of all cyber-attacks now are against businesses with 100 employees or less. That’s up from 20% in 2013. Clearly businesses under 100 employees are showing to be the most lucrative targets for cyber criminals.

This presentation goes over 3 actual attacks that happened to businesses around Chicago with under 100 employees in 2016. You will have a better understanding of the risk, the terms used and what steps to take. We will also do a live search of 2 volunteered audience companies to see not if, but how many of their company username and passwords are currently being sold on the black market. 


    • 3 behind the scenes case studies of small Chicago based businesses attacked in 2016 and the lessons learned.
    • In between case studies, explanation of terms frequently used around security including: DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), Phishing, Spear Phishing, BitCoin, Social Engineering.
    • Metrics showing the change in cybercrime risk over the years, and the growth to an epidemic showing cybercrime as a bigger business than all other global crime combined.
    • Closing with 3 steps to reduce security risk including free 90 training by
    • 2 companies live black market searches.
About The Presenter:
Adam Radulovic, President
Adam Radulovic is an experienced entrepreneur and small business leader.  He is the founder and President of, an outsourced IT department for small businesses, who’s unique business alignment department and process, removes technology issues and applies technology to help “XL” the business’s goals.
In addition he is the board president of Benevolent, a nonprofit organization, who’s mission is to bring dignity and self-determination to both sides of the giving equation, illuminating the realities of life on the edge of sustainability.
Adam is the former Director of Divine/Parlano, a software company that broke down communications silos at Fortune 500 companies to optimize knowledge worker effectiveness. Divine/Parlano, which Adam was a co-founder of, was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. Adam has a BAE in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Adam served as a Project Manager at UBS.

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