Work From Home Tips From our Staff

By Adam Natali posted 04-14-2020 14:36


Working from home this past month has given our team the opportunity to fine tune our techniques and workspaces, so we wanted to take a second to share some things we’ve discovered. We also encourage you to share your own tips in the comments section below.

Sabrina Adams
Membership Coordinator
Have a designated workspace. I found that separating my workspace from my living space allows me to turn off my working brain when the day is over.

adolph-caryn.jpgCaryn Adolph

Manager to the Executive Office
Spending long periods looking at computer, phone, or tablet screens can strain the eyes. Using the 20-20-20 rule can help to prevent this problem. The rule says that for every 20 minutes spent looking at a screen, a person should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Matthew Baldwin
Graphic Design Manager
Keep the same schedule as if I was still working downtown. I get up at the same time each morning, make my coffee and head to the "office."

Kara Brockman
Director, Education and Content
If you have a question you'd normally pop into a coworker's office for, pick up the phone instead of writing an elaborate email.

Sarah Murphy
Director, Membership & Marketing
Stick to a schedule! It's easier to get stuff done when you have designated "work hours" and "home hours."

Adam Natali
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
If your wi-fi is a little slow or spotty, finding an ethernet cable, and plugging it straight from your router into your laptop will make using the internet faster and more reliable.

Phyllis Scott
Director, Business Services
Place books or a tote under your laptop to turn your desk into a standing desk for a change of pace.  I’ve even turned my treadmill into a desk by placing a sturdy piece of wood across the handrails.


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04-15-2020 18:27

Phyllis, you will never want to go back to the office unless you're provided with a treadmill desk. :-) Very cool idea!