Welcome to Forum Forward 2018!

Forum Forward 2018 is focused on creativity, ideation, incubation and application for associations. This daylong learning lab will allow you to engage with thought leaders while exploring new concepts and strategizing on how to advance your association. We strive to make this an interdisciplinary experience to stimulate you and other association executives to explore beyond typical boundaries to drive your association Forward.

5.75 CAE Credit Hours

Venue SIX10

#FFWD18 Keynote: The Power of Building intentional connections

Erica DhawanE__Dhawan_-_Keynote.png 

We typically view the success of our associations by our ability to create connections. But in today’s age of disruption, even that isn’t enough. Strategist and bestselling author Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a thoroughly modern leadership skill called Connectional Intelligence (CxQ). As radical a concept as Emotional Intelligence was in the 90's, Connectional Intelligence is the key 21st century skill that will help you accelerate your association.