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Venue SIX10

Artificial Intelligence: How Associations Can Help Members Navigate These Uncharted Waters

Debra Zabloudil


The growth of artificial intelligence expansion is staggering. Google estimates robots will reach levels of human intelligence by 2029. Global thinkers are predicting that five industries will see the big changes from AI more than others in the next few years:
1. Healthcare
2. Manufacturing
3. Transportation
4. Customer Service
5. Finance
If your industry is not on the above list, it will be. So, what does this mean for associations? It means that we must start preparing our members.

Your members can either become victimized by this new global trend, or be agents of change, assuring their seat at the table in this new world order.
  • Understand that in most cases, robots will enhance the work of humans.
  • Employ a people-first approach to AI.
  • Use this new movement as an opportunity to prepare, and educate your members for what’s next.