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7 steps to prepare for your AMS expert’s absence

By Melinda Starkweather posted 03-16-2020 10:54



  1. Take time to understand each department’s tasks and the timeframe. What reports are they preparing, for whom and when?


  1. Each staff member who is receiving help should list the tasks they get help with.


  1. Have your AMS expert sit down with each member of staff to review how they provide the help.


Note:  The association power-user may feel threated about this exercise, so leaders must reassure the AMS expert that they won’t lose their job. This exercise is about keeping the association from struggling during a long absence.


  1. The staff and the power user should walk through the exercise, getting screen grabs and writing out directions that each member of staff understands.


  1. Compile the documented process, including images and step-by-step directions, and save these in a central location where everyone can find them.


  1. Leaders should assign team member back-ups for each department, who understand how to step in when needed.


  1. Write into everyone’s KPIs that they will succeed when they have a well-trained partner who can back them up.


If you follow these steps, you will end up with a team that is more agile and scalable. Once the crisis is over you can be ready to grow!



Melinda Starkweather and Joe Plasterer

Starkweather Association Services